O’Reilly Publishes Our PureMVC Developer Guide

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From Startup to Mastery, We Wrote the Book on PureMVC

Futurescale is pleased to announce the publication of ActionScript Developer’s Guide to PureMVC by O’Reilly Media.

Written by Cliff Hall, Futurescale’s founder and CEO, this book teaches the fundamentals of development with PureMVC, the popular open source framework for developing maintainable applications with a Model-View-Controller architecture, in the context of a complete Adobe AIR application.

Through clear explanations and numerous ActionScript code examples, this book covers best practices for using the framework’s classes in day-to-day work. PureMVC enables the developer to focus on the purpose and scope of the application, while the framework takes care of the plumbing in a maintainable and portable way.

Gaining hands-on experience, the developer will:

  • Get a detailed overview of the PureMVC process for developing his application
  • Model the domain by designing the schema and creating framework-agnostic value objects
  • Implement framework-agnostic View components that expose an API of events and properties
  • Use the Proxy pattern to keep track of value objects and hide service interaction
  • Facilitate two-way communication between a View component and the rest of the application
  • Stitch the Model and View tiers together with command objects in the Controller
  • Manage problematic View component life cycles, and learn how to reuse the Model tier

All the application code is available on the O’Reilly site for download. ActionScript Developer’s Guide to PureMVC is available from O’Reilly publishing both in print and digital editions; as well as many other online retailers.

ActionScript Developer’s Guide to PureMVC


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