Drone Comms Testing GUI “Best Looking, Most Intuitive”

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jitc-patch-1When Avtec Systems was awarded the contract to develop a Common Data Link Waveform Compliance Tester for the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC), they settled on Adobe Flex for the user interface.

Futurescale was in turn chosen by Avtec to build the GUI for the CWCT, to be used by JITC for verifying standard CDL waveform interoperability between candidate platforms or terminals and network systems in both classified and unclassified environments.

A complex hardware, software and firmware development effort with demanding specifications, the CWCT represents not only a solution to the client’s problem but ultimately an advancement of the industry’s state-of-the-art.

Brian Connell, Avtec’s Director of Special Communications Projects had this to say:

“Cliff stepped into an ongoing, $7 million effort with over 1500 pages of specifications and requirements and began contributing on day one. He took over development of what had been identified as the program’s biggest barrier to on-time delivery, the user interface, and transformed it into a polished, ahead-of-schedule component that our end users were ecstatic for.

“Customers with a wide base of experience with diverse Common Data Link terminals have said that Cliff’s user interface is the best looking, most intuitive interface they have ever used on such a device. I could not recommend Cliff Hall and Futurescale more highly than I do. Futurescale will absolutely deliver superlative results in a timely manner.”

About Avtec Systems

Avtec provides data communications products and system engineering services to aerospace, telecommunication, and defense communities in Americas, Europe, and Asia. It offers high rate receivers and front end processors, telemetry and command gateways, and data communication products, as well as focuses on satellite receivers, satellite ground stations, communications gateways, protocol processors and translators, network-edge devices, tactical and RF networking solutions, and test systems.

Avtec has since been acquired by RT Logic.

Visit them on the web at: http://www.rtlogic.com/page/legacy-avtec-products

About JITC and CDL

JITC follows the processes outlined in the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction (CJCSI) 6212.01D with respect to accomplishing the joint interoperability test and certification mission. The JITC mission is to provide the entire CDL Family of Systems (FOS) with comprehensive, independent joint test and evaluation (T&E) support services.

Visit JITC’s CDL project page at: http://jitc.fhu.disa.mil/projects/cdl/


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