Futurescale Announces PureMVC TV

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puremvc-tv-screenshotLearning the Basic Concepts Behind PureMVC Just Got a Lot Easier

To serve the educational needs of developers and companies evaluating or using the PureMVC framework, Futurescale has launched a new site called PureMVC TV.

The presentations are short, introductory slideshows, narrated by Futurescale founder and PureMVC architect Cliff Hall. These are high-level discussions of the framework and state machine actors and their roles, responsibilities, and collaboration patterns. Also covered is an implementation study based on a music player/visualizer application.

Currently there are four such offerings available:

MultiCore Version OverviewStandard Version OverviewState Machine Overview, and Getting in the Groove

Based on a new Futurescale framework called MediaTurbine, the PureMVC TV site was built using Adobe Flex and PureMVC MultiCore. MediaTurbine can be used to synchronize playback of audio, video, visual effects, slides, or even hosted applications such as games or quizzes.

For more information, visit: http://puremvc.tv (requires Flash)