Futurescale CEO To Speak at Global Online Web Conference

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head-web-confCliff Hall, Futurescale’s founder and CEO, will be delivering a talk called Building Pyramids out of Bits: Thoughts on Writing Future-proof Software.

The <HEAD> Web Conference is a unique conference where the attendees and speakers all meet online rather than get on a plane, fly to another city, rent a hotel, and generally go to a lot of bother. There’s even a pre-party in the Second Life virtual world.

The conference brings together some of the most interesting and exciting developers, designers, creatives, and thought leaders from around the web to share with you their passions and expertise. The sessions cover a wide range of timely topics including web standards, accessibility, web application development, Flash, Flex, and scalability.

Speakers and attendees will gather in pre-built Adobe Acrobat Connect chat rooms. The speakers will have all the slides video and other media they would normally present at a live conference, and attendees will be able to see the speakers webcam video and syncronized media playback during the talk, as well as interact with any of the media the speaker has provided, such as Flash applications, as well as each other via text chat. After each talk, a question and answer session will allow attendees of that session will be able to interact with the speaker.

There will also be local hubs in large cities such as San Francisco and London, where people will meet face to face and some talks will be broadcast from the hubs. This gives the event something of a live flavor.