Futurescale CEO ‘Ignites’ Adobe MAX

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ignite-maxFuturescale CEO Cliff Hall Speaks about PureMVC at Adobe Max Conference Reception

O’Reilly Media sponsored the Welcome Reception at the Adobe MAX conference in Chicago this year, and Cliff Hall, Futurescale CEO was invited to speak about the PureMVC project.

The session, dubbed O’Reilly Ignite as described by Adobe was “16 special 5-minute presentations at the Welcome Reception. These presentations showcase innovative projects that were created by community members using Adobe technologies.”

Regarding his approach to the tight format and timing of the talk, Mr Hall said “I didn’t want to bore people to tears with the details of an MVC framework, (it was a party after all). So, I chose to focus on the reasons why someone might need the framework.”

Hall’s topic was ‘PureMVC and the Art of Rocketship Maintenance.’ The talk was centered around the analogy of the current public sector ‘space race’ to the fledgling Rich Internet Application market.”

“Essentially, there are a lot of folks getting into the space business who have no experience with rocketships, but they’re eventually going to get us off the planet,” Hall explains.

“Similarly, a lot of folks are getting into the RIA business who have no experience building applications, and what they are starting to build will become the next wave of Internet-based communication. The need for a simple, well-documented approach to building applications has never been greater.”