Futurescale Launches Open Source PureMVC Framework

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New Framework Lets Developers Create More Robust, Scalable and Maintainable RIAs

Futurescale today announced the release of PureMVC, a free, open-source framework that enables quick implementation of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) in ActionScript 3.

Built upon proven and time-tested Design Patterns, PureMVC helps the developer to separate the client application into three tiers, (called Model, View and Controller), eliminating the most harmful responsibility misplacement issues that hamper scalability and maintainability.

Use of the framework reduces confusion over application layers, and the roles, responsibilities and collaborations of classes, while affording rapid implementation and a lower total cost of ownership.

Cliff Hall, Futurescale’s Chief Architect, created the framework after several years of working on Flex projects using other frameworks. Hall says he built PureMVC as a response to what he was seeing in the field; the need for a simpler solution that still provided the core benefits of an MVC framework.

“It needed to do everything the other solutions did, but with less demand on the individual developer. Many enterprise-class applications require a large team to implement. Developers typically have enough to worry about just meeting their requirements. PureMVC can be used ‘out-of-box’ with minimal implementation requirements enabling the development of a more robust and maintainable RIA,” Hall said.

Since the feature list has been frozen and is no longer subject to change, PureMVC is a stable platform that doesn’t require continual upgrades and maintenance to keep up with new features. Currently, PureMVC supports Adobe Flash, Flex and Air-based RIA development.

Due to its pattern-based nature, nearly any OOP language could be targeted. Though ActionScript3 is the first implementation platform for PureMVC, others are planned. Java, Ruby, and PHP are the next platforms in line for consideration.

For more information or to download PureMVC, visit http://puremvc.org.



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