Smart Client, Simple Cloud
The Zarqon Desktop Control Center allows you to define products and issue licenses, all stored in your own Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) account for pennies per month.

S3 is backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that ensures your customers will rarely if ever have issues validating their licenses.

Flexible, Lightweight API
Using the Zarqon API in your apps couldn’t be simpler, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful.

The library adds very little to the compiled size of your final product and it supports multiple licensing schemes, making it easy for you to handle each product in its own unique way.

 Learn about Products and Licenses.

Can You Keep A Secret?
While Zarqon stores your product and license holder information in private S3 buckets accessible only by you, the licenses you issue are encrypted and stored in a publicly readable bucket for your software to validate. This means you do not have to ‘bake’ your S3 credentials into your shipped software for hackers to reap.

For desktop apps, the License Key is worthless without the rest of the license holder’s information, which is used in the encryption and decryption process. This makes it unlikely for them to share their license info.

For web apps, the running site is used in the encryption key, so it simply will not validate for an unlicensed site.


Protecting, Licensing and Selling Adobe Flex & AIR Applications

In the Flex and AIR software development community, there is much FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) surrounding the related issues of code protection and license control.

When we begin to think about what it would take to control licensing of our software and keep it from being cracked and redistributed for free, or see our hard work stolen by a competitor with a decompiler, the attractiveness of trying to produce and sell our own software can quickly fade. When all you want to do is focus on making your app the very best it can be, these questions are pretty depressing. You know it will take a lot of time to evaluate and implement something that will reliably control and protect the fruit of all the hours of hard work you’ll put in on your app.

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