Zarqon is being retired.
In early 2009, the future of Adobe Flex and Air was bright. A single codebase for desktop, mobile, and web was finally a reality and companies were flocking to the platform.

Then, in 2011, amid industry-wide clamor about HTML5 and open standards, Adobe chose to Open Source the Flex SDK with a little help from The Apache Foundation.

While some developers cheered, industry experts hailed it as a sign that Adobe was abandoning Flash. Businesses no longer saw the Flash Platform as a viable long term option for new products.

Now, in 2014, the call for products such as Zarqon has waned dramatically. As a result it is no longer cost effective for us to offer and maintain Zarqon.

Existing Zarqon installs will continue to work as long as Amazon S3 and Adobe Air remain compatible.

No further updates will be made to Zarqon.