Cash in on Your Skills!
Easily secure your application against unlicensed use and sell it anywhere you like without having to share revenue with us or pay us fees to issue licenses.

Secure and Reliable
Why trust some random dot com to protect and serve your licenses? Zarqon uses Amazon S3, the most mature cloud platform on the ‘net.

Feature-level Control
Issue licenses for time-limited trials, recurring subscriptions, upsell new features to existing users. Control it anyway you like.

Desktop, Mobile & Web
Lock down both Adobe AIR and Flex apps wherever they run using the same simple yet powerful Zarqon API.


1. Create Your Application

Build and make available your new desktop or web application using the Zarqon API to programatically control access to some or all functionality. Brilliant, that was easy.

2. User Buys A License

A new user purchases a license for your product. This can be handled by any payment method, such as Paypal, Google Checkout or even mail order. Sweet, the money’s in the bank.

3. You Issue A License

Use the Zarqon Desktop Control Center to issue a license to the user. The license is encrypted, stored in the cloud, and the info is emailed to the license holder's email address. Done deal.

4. User Receives License

The user opens the email and follows your instructions for entering the license info into your desktop application or for configuring your web application to run on their site. Simple as can be.

5. App Validates License

When the license is validated, your application recieves a list of features available under this specific license. Your application can now use this information to alter its behavior and appearance accordingly.