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Science Fiction

Non-stop action against a backdrop of dark matter, the multiverse, quantum entangled consciousness, alien invasion, and government conspiracy.

As an alien invasion thins Earth’s population by a fifth and drains the oceans to devastating levels, young Carter Nesbitt, his father, and his math teacher are taken from a small town in the American southeast.

But unlike the rest of the abducted, they are returned, bearing an alien artifact, knowledge of an even graver danger to Earth, and strange new abilities. When Homeland Security’s new Director of Extraterrestrial Affairs catches wind of their trip, he will stop at nothing to capture them.

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Action / Adventure

The Fall of Shen Dao

We pursue. No mercy.

Abandoned in a Tibetan monastery when he was 5 years old, William Cross has now turned 20.

Today, he plans to Take Refuge, a ceremony wherein the student vows to adhere to the tenets of Buddhism, the first formal step on the road to becoming a monk.

But little does he know, a mysterious force bent on destruction has been awakened.

To survive, he will have to forget everything he knows and question everything he believes.

This is the first complete episode of the action / adventure series William Cross Chronicles.

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Tech Non-Fiction

Pick Up the Tools

The future looks bright for blockchain, and for Ethereum in particular. Already, distributed public ledgers are powerful engines driving innovation in nearly every industry sector. And the demand for blockchain developers far exceeds the supply.

This book will lead you through the major decisions you’ll make in choosing your tech stack and setting up your project, on through the challenges you’ll face as you build and test your contracts, communicate with them from a web interface, and deploy them to a public network.

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Indie Author Tools

Page Fight!

Page Fight is our attempt to fill what we see as a critical gap in the self-publishing cycle: getting lots of honest reader reactions to a book’s marketing materials, before publishing.

We’ve gamified the entire process, with achievements that unlock more and more functionality, and a leaderboard, where players can see how well they’re doing compared to other top players, and authors can discover how their contenders are faring.

If you’re an indie author looking to get gut reactions to your titles, taglines, blurbs, and covers, head on over to Page Fight and sign up today!