President, Lead Consultant

Cliff Hall

Cliff Hall is a Software Architect with over 30 years of industry experience. His career has run the gamut from writing games in machine language for Commodore 64 and Apple II to implementation of large scale, object-oriented, enterprise applications.

In 1993, he created Synapse: The Multimedia Journal of the Eclectic – the first CDROM-based digital magazine (or ‘digizine’), which delivered multimedia text, audio, video, animation, and interactive VR through an organic user interface nearly a year before the first web browsers appeared.

Prior to founding Futurescale, Mr. Hall worked as a developer for several pioneering web firms including Prodigy Communications,, and

He is a published author of both fiction and non-fiction, and is also the architect of the Open Source PureMVC Framework.

Who We Are

Located in Upper East Tennessee, USA, Futurescale was founded in 2004 as a consulting firm focused on the architecture and development of enterprise software. For over ten years, we’ve worked, either directly with clients or through partners like Adobe, Universal Mind, and Effective UI, to build robust, cutting edge solutions for companies worldwide.

We currently deploy HTML5, standards-based solutions using proven tools, frameworks, and best practices.

While we have an extensive network of trusted developers we’ve worked with in the past, and occasionally engage them to help us with large jobs, for the most part, the services we offer are those of Cliff Hall, our Senior Software Architect.

Years in Business

Satisfied Clients

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Director of Communications

Helen Hall

Ms. Hall’s career brings more than 15 years of prior professional communications experience to the table.

Some of her past clients include MasterCard International, NFL Properties, and FujiFilm.

Her demonstrated excellence in Project Management brings a timeliness to all that we do.

An extensive Public Relations background ensures that we always articulate our goals clearly.

Add to that her otherworldly competence with accounting and you have a triple threat that keeps the the consultancy running smoothly and able to service clients anywhere in the world.

She regularly donates her time and image manipulation skills to the local Siberian Husky Rescue, helping to spread the word about huskies in search of their forever homes.

What We Stand For

In a word, quality.

As many who have worked with us in the past can attest, Futurescale delivers work of uncompromised quality as quickly as it can be safely produced. In recommendation after recommendation, our clients report unparalleled satisfaction.

  • Brian Connell, Project Manager

    “Cliff stepped into an ongoing, $7 million effort with over 1500 pages of specifications and requirements and began contributing on day one. He took over development of what had been identified as the program’s biggest barrier to on-time delivery, the user interface, and transformed it into a polished, ahead-of-schedule component that our end users were ecstatic for. Customers with a wide base of experience with diverse Common Data Link terminals have said that Cliff’s user interface is the best looking, most intuitive interface they have ever used on such a device. I could not recommend Cliff Hall and Futurescale more highly than I do. Futurescale will absolutely deliver superlative results in a timely manner.“

  • Rob Rusher, Senior Developer

    “I have been nothing but amazed with the razor sharp intellect and attention to detail that Cliff applies to everything. From software architecture to learning to play the guitar while we worked at, Cliff has always been able to dissect the problem and produce answers. While at he created a framework to solve specific business problems. This project, and others like it, provoked him to create PureMVC which is now one of my favorite development frameworks. I look forward to working with you again Cliff.“

  • Rasmus Groth, CEO

    “Cliff is brilliant! We have some brilliant people on the team but without the work Cliff did for us we would not be able to pull off what we we’re actually doing. At that time we were a small three man startup and Cliff was (and is) a very experienced system architect. Despite our lack of experience and software development spec’ing skills, Cliff supported us all the way – and went out of his way to help us. He created a robust framework that facilitates our development in all the ways we need. Everyone on the team can work on modules independently and then plug them into the application. As an investment dependent startup it is great to get the kind of quality work that enabled us to file two patent claims for the framework alone. I highly recommend Cliff Hall as a person and as a professional“

  • George Chevalier, President

    “Working with Futurescale over the past few years has been a very positive experience. Cliff has helped engineer our CustomShow app and created valuable new features that are helping us win new clients. His knowledge base is extensive and professionalism second to none. I look forward to continuing our relationship as we develop CustomShow into the future.“

  • JR Smith, Senior Developer & Team Lead

    Cliff was indispensable in a project with a tight deadline and extremely lofty goals. His knowledge of Angular and Firebase in particular were critical to getting the work done on time and, frankly, higher quality than I thought we’d be able to pull off. Regardless of the task, Cliff showed a dedication and thoughtfulness to solving things the _right_ way that I was envious of throughout the project. His attention to detail on UX and animation helped us deliver something polished, functional, and overall (and most importantly, in my opinion) much better in terms of code quality and functionality than the original code we inherited. I always knew I could depend on him to get things done, and sanity check me when I suggested something absurd during a sleep-deprivation-fueled psychotic break. A+ dude, would hire again.

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