Software, precisely built.


Domain-specific Solutions


Ethereum, Solidity


Google Cloud, Firebase


Node, React


Soon, AI will have the ability to generate broadcast quality, feature length audiovisuals. Anyone with an idea and access to the web will be able to rival the media gatekeepers with stunning worlds, incredible action, and lifelike characters.

But it will only hold our attention if creators use it to tell engaging stories.
To that end, we’ve combined artificial intelligence with a standard industry practice for creating episodic fiction, yielding a tool capable of planning multiple seasons of a television series down to the scene and beat. 


Building on the cutting edge of crypto through multiple bull and bear markets.

Creating the first NFT with fully on-chain metadata and composable art, engineering an open source NFT marketplace, leading protocol development on a backbone for decentralized commerce, writing a book on Solidity development, and much more.
A few projects our enthusiasm for blockchain has helped bring to life…


Developers work with data as objects, so tabular SQL databases have been a friction to momentum for decades.

Our preferred and advocated serverless environment is the Google Cloud platform, where we develop and deploy solutions using Firebase Hosting, Realtime NoSQL Database, Cloud Messaging, and Cloud Functions.
Some fun projects we’ve worked on in the Google Cloud…


We use late-model tools and practices to build responsive, modern web applications with React and Node.

We especially love helping writers and artists.

Open Source

We have a project still growing after more than a decade with over a hundred repositories.

…and plenty of bite-sized demonstrations for helping developers adopt great tech.
Our philosophy and advice to our clients is to open source everything you possibly can.


Commercial lending apps used by bank loan officers, award-winning FX trading systems jockeyed by day traders, cryptocurrency portfolio verification used to assess the advice of market strategists.

Our clients are multinational investment banks, scrappy blockchain startups, and everything in-between.
We get the data on the screen on time and in the right format for users to take swift and confident action.