Software, Precisely Built


Ethereum, Solidity, NFTs


Google Cloud, Firebase


JavaScript, React, Single Page Apps

Blockchain Development

From interactive charting of crypto-currency exchange data to full-blown Ethereum blockchain development in Solidity, we’re excited to be working on the cutting edge of crypto.

A few projects our blockchain enthusiasm has helped bring to life…

Cloud Development

Our preferred serverless environment is the Google Cloud platform, where we develop and deploy robust solutions using Firebase Hosting, Realtime NoSQL Database, Cloud Messaging, Cloud Functions, and App Engine.

Some fun projects we’ve worked on in the Google Cloud…

Web Development

We use late-model tools and practices to build responsive, modern web applications with React, Angular, Node, WebGL, and WebAudio.

Among other things, we especially love helping artists and content creators

Open Source Development

From projects still growing after more than a decade and over a hundred repositories to bite-sized technology demonstrations for helping developers adopt great tech, we’re here to see it through and give back to the community at every opportunity.

Financial Applications

We have a long history of working with players in finance. From commercial lending apps used by bank loan officers, to award-winning FX trading systems jockeyed by day traders, to cryptocurrency portfolio verification used to assess the advice of market strategists. We’ve been hired by multinational investment banks, scrappy blockchain startups, and everything in-between. We get the data on the screen on time and in the right format for users to take swift and confident action.