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Science Fiction

Non-stop action against a backdrop of dark matter, the multiverse, quantum entangled consciousness, alien invasion, and government conspiracy.

As an alien invasion thins Earth’s population by a fifth and drains the oceans to devastating levels, young Carter Nesbitt, his father, and his math teacher are taken from a small town in the American southeast. But unlike the rest of the abducted, they are returned, bearing an alien artifact, knowledge of an even graver danger to Earth, and strange new abilities. When Homeland Security’s new Director of Extraterrestrial Affairs catches wind of their trip, he will stop at nothing to capture them.

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Action / Adventure

We pursue. No mercy.

Abandoned in a Tibetan monastery when he was 5 years old, William Cross has now turned 20.

Today, he plans to Take Refuge, a ceremony wherein the student vows to adhere to the tenets of Buddhism, the first formal step on the road to becoming a monk.

But little does he know, a mysterious force bent on destruction has been awakened.

To survive, he will have to forget everything he knows and question everything he believes.

This is the first complete episode of the action / adventure series William Cross Chronicles. Read The Fall of Shen Dao now, in .epub format.

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What readers are saying about Tangential
  • Strong female characters, an acceptance of non-mainstream culture, whimsy and a gripping plot line that features alien invasion, inter-dimensional/temporal travel, government conspiracy, and a range of human stupidity, nobility, and wisdom, all combine with well written prose to create the first novel in a series that I will be sure to seek out in the future.

    It’s worth noting that while the book is the first in a series it is fully stand alone and does come to a satisfying ending. 10 out of 10, would read it again.


  • I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Cliff Hall in his freshman effort has written a exciting fast paced sci-fi novel. His characters are well-developed and have lives that extend well beyond the pages of this book. The story especially the early parts are written with an enthusiastic zeal that calls to mind some of the best disaster stories of Doctor Who in their pacing and excitement. He has managed to take the time trodden trope of flying saucers piloted by a bug-eyed aliens coming to plunder Earth of its resources and make it new again. But more than that this is the story of one family’s survival in the face of the adversities they encounter. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.–Herbert K Miller

  • First off let me say this is refreshing to find an author not attempting to string people on for 6+ books without having anything being done. This book is a standalone that gives both entertainment and satisfaction in how the story for the primary characters seems to end. There is room for a continuation or other stories set in this version of Earth but they are not required to completely enjoy this novel.

    The character development on the primary characters continued throughout the entire book and by the end it was very easy to see them as normal people caught up in a something they could never have anticipated. I also like the number of strong female characters, they were not just the damsel in distress or love interest for the hero type females I find in so many books.–S L Vilkman

  • What a great read! Humorous, thrilling and great depth of thought.

    The author touches on a wealth of topics like quantum entanglement, diet, ecology, political accountability and many others in a completely coherent and well-formed worldview that will not only entertain you but also make you think about how you want to be governed, what you want to eat, how change is introduced into society and a wealth of other topics.

    On top of that the characters are well thought out and represent very clear aspects of humanity that work as ideological, but non-judgmental, guides throughout the story – you even get the alien’s side of the story which helps put the whole tale in a perspective that is thought provoking and far-reaching.–bliiir

  • I love this book, it is genius! I’m so glad I bought both the soft cover and kindle versions of the book. I love the art work on the cover and I have the book on display.–Elizabeth M. Woodcox